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VS Code Ext: Update to the latest

March 14, 2016 — by Dan Wilson

Visual Studio Code has recently been updated from version 0.10.8 to 0.10.10. This introduced a breaking change for the NativeScript extension. 

Our NativeScript for Visual Studio Code team has released an update to fix this issue as well as others. The NativeScript for Visual Studio Code 0.2.0 release will now let you know when new versions are available.

What's New
  • Change shortcuts for run commands
  • Add support for conditional breakpoints
  • Auto-check for new versions of the extension in the marketplace
Bug Fixes
  • (VS Code 0.10.10) Already not depending on args.cwd to be passed to the debug adapter by VS Code
  • (VS Code 0.10.10) "Path must be a string" error message
  • (VS Code 0.10.10) "Unexpected end of input" error message
View details and extra information on the NativeScript for Visual Studio Code 0.2.0 Change Log.

To perform the update, follow these steps:
  • Hit F1 or otherwise bring up the command palette
  • Type Show Outdated Extension
  • Choose NativeScript Extension from the dropdown.

Happy VSCoding!