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Using NativeScript in an existing native iOS/Android applications

October 21, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

NativeScript gives you the power to write once, using the popular JavaScript/web skills, and deploy native applications to iOS and Android devices.

This is a very compelling story for everyone that want to faster create first class mobile applications. But sometimes your company already have an existing native applications that they want to extend and do not want to start from scratch. Having two native versions of a mobile app causes just too much problems. You need to have often different people (or even teams!) that implement and support the apps. Syncing the feature set, need to write the app twice and paying to the developers for this is an unneeded overhead these days.

That is why we invested time in order to make sure that NativeScript framework can be used into existing native apps. During the last several releases we were working towards this and now I'm please to announce that you can embed NativeScript framework into any existing iOS or Android app.

To see how this can be done please read these blog posts created by Vladimir Enchev:

Using NativeScript in existing iOS app.

Using NativeScript in existing Android app.

There are some limitations that exists today, mentioned in the blog posts above, so please let us know if you hit any roadblock, we will be glad to improve this support further based on your feedback.