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Using Facebook's new Keyframes library to create awesome animations in NativeScript

November 24, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

Just yesterday Facebook announced the release of their open source native library called "Keyframes”. It is a library that is able to export and playback Adobe After Effects animations in native mobile applications.

In NativeScript you already have a good arsenal of tools to deliver awesome animations with CSS, but who will not use After Effects animations in his app? It is trivial in NativeScript to reuse native libraries with the direct API access we provide and we are really excited to announce that Eddy Verbruggen already created the initial version of the plugin that uses the Keyframes library. You can find the library here - As everything we do it is ofcourse open source.

You can learn more about the Keyframes library in the Facebook developers blog.

Here is how simple it is to use it inside NativeScript:

Enjoy the video below which shows a demo application running in NativeScript!

I hope you enjoy being part of the NativeScript community as much as we do!