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Using Cross Platform Native SideDrawer component in NativeScript

August 21, 2015 — by Valio Stoychev

Yes - the meme above sums it all. You asked a lot about a cross-platform native SideDrawer component and I’m happy that we just delivered it with the massive 1.2 release several weeks ago.

I’m sure this is not a news for you, but I like the new component so much that I wanted to do a deep dive and show all the features, transitions and extensibility points we added to it.

SideDrawer is a good example of a cross-platform UI component. It is using the best of the iOS and Android patterns and gives you the full power of the native APIs to set the look and feel you and your designers need for the application. You know we have been building NativeScript for a long time now and it is an extreme pleasure to be able to keep our initial promise - e.g. building apps with JavaScript with the best possible native user experience.

Sample Code and Documentation

See the Telerik UI for NativeScript samples code and the documentation here.

I think this sums it all and I believe you should be happy with what we delivered. Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below - positive or negative. The team put a lot of effort delivering this component and will be happy to hear from you.