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Top NativeScript Talks from jsMobileConf

February 19, 2019 — by Rob Lauer

Back in October, Progress (the company behind NativeScript) put on a brand new event in Boston focused on mobile JavaScript and the broader JavaScript ecosystem. Called jsMobileConf, this conference brought in speakers from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and Progress to talk about topics such as serverless, IoT, native apps, AR/VR, mobile web, AI, and more.

Admittedly we've been a bit tardy in getting videos of the conference ready for you all, but here is a selection of some of the best NativeScript-focused talks from jsMobileConf 2018 (and the full playlist is available on YouTube)!

NOTE: jsMobileConf is coming back to Boston later this year! Stay tuned to (soon-to-be-updated) for more details.

Stanimira Vlaeva: Boosting Your Development Experience with Webpack and Hot Module Replacement

stanimira vlaeva

The Hot Module Replacement (HMR) feature in Webpack can replace bits of code in a program while the program is running. What’s more - the program will know that something inside it has changed and can decide how to handle it. For example, it can keep the values of its variables, evaluate the new code and restore the values of the variables. And you don’t need to restart the program to see the changes!

Shiva Prasad
: Machine Learning on the Go with TensorFlow.js [slides]

shiva prasad

Have you heard about TensorFlow.js yet? It has enabled a way to do machine learning in the browser. What if I told you that you can also make it work inside your mobile apps without using a browser!? Let’s explore the benefits of being able to do machine learning on the go. You can train your models on the device instead of on the server. You can provide a tailored smart solution for each user, that gets smarter every time it is used.

TJ VanToll
: One Project. One Language. Three Apps. [slides]

tj vantoll

In this talk we’ll focus on NativeScript and React Native, both of which have the ability to build web apps, native iOS apps, and native Android apps, simultaneously. You’ll see some amazing demos of these projects in action, and then learn when using these projects is a good idea, and also when using them is a not-good idea. Come learn about using JavaScript for apps and stuff!

Jen Looper
: Human vs. AI

jen looper

If you’ve been amazed by the game shows and intelligence challenges that pit humans against AIs, such as the Alpha Go tournament and TV’s “Beat Shazam”, get ready for the ultimate challenge - differentiating between dogs and mops, kittens and caramel ice cream. Sounds bizarre? Come with me on an app-building journey as we walk through the creation of a cross-platform mobile app that pits humans against machines to see who is faster at image recognition - you, or on-device machine learning. Using Vue.js and NativeScript to create a performant cross-platform native app, we’ll harness the power of the new machine learning SDK from Google, ML Kit, to enable image recognition algorithms to run on device as we feed it images it has never seen. Ready to test your skills and be wowed by the speed of ML on mobile? Join me as, together, we try to beat the machine!

Todd Anglin
: Evolution of the JavaScript Mobile Developer

todd anglin

Sebastian Witalec
: Adopt an AI-driven Chatbot Today [slides]

sebastian witalec

If you ever asked yourself any of these questions: What do chatbots eat? Do chatbots have dreams? What are the usual chatbot challenges? Then this talk is for you. We will answer all of the above questions and many more. You will learn how to build a fully functioning chatbot in less than 10 minutes – without a single IF statement – and train it to understand human language. Then we will top it up with a quick AI training to make it understand the language normal people speak.

Ignacio Fuentes
: Machine Learning Capabilities for Mobile Apps [slides]

ignacio fuentes

Now that you are done creating beautiful mobile apps with JavaScript: How do you go about making your UX smarter and more compelling? In this talk we will cover a few strategies and cloud services that regular JS developers can leverage to easily add Machine Learning functionality to their apps.

Vasil Chimev
: A Guidebook to Contributing to OSS [slides]

vasil chimev

A non-technical motivational talk aiming to inspire people to get involved in open source contribution. By looking at both the bright sides and dark corners, engaging with open-source software projects can have a great positive impact on a professional career.

Panel Discussion: The Future of Mobile

A panel discussion of where mobile is headed, including conversations on virtual/augmented reality, AI, machine learning, IoT, and more.