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Thirsty for more NativeScript tutorials?

February 1, 2016 — by Dan Wilson

BeerTutorialImageIt’s easy to get started with NativeScript. We have the fantastic Getting Started Guide, along with the companion video Also, there are a bunch of sample applications on github you can browse, tweak and run. But you want more, don’t you?

As a warm up to Brest Startup Weekend in Brest, France, Horacio Gonzalez (@LostInBrittany) and Stephanie Moallic (@steffy_29) organized a NativeScript Bootcamp day. As part of the bootcamp, students developed 2 applications with NativeScript, Groceries and NativeScript Beers

NativeScript Beers is a walkthrough tutorial of a beer catalog built with NativeScript.  It’s easy to see the power and expressiveness of NativeScript. As NativeScript uses 100% native components and has direct access to native platform APIs, the beer catalog application gets blazing fast native performance.

If you end up building NativeScript Beers on your own, and add features to it, let me know. I'm curious to see how this example application might be expanded.