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The Next Chapter for NativeScript: nStudio

June 1, 2020 — by Surya Saripella

At the end of 2019, Progress set forth on an initiative to encourage the growing NativeScript community to assume more responsibility for fostering its future success. By enabling a community of experts to support NativeScript, we've seen increased interest and improved engagement with the core framework.

Concurrently, there has been significant enthusiasm from some prominent community members to assume responsibility for future NativeScript development and support. Having our community's needs in mind, and after a careful evaluation, we are pleased to announce that a strong NativeScript community member and long-time Progress partner, nStudio, has agreed to assume responsibility for NativeScript, effective May 29, 2020.

We are thrilled that NativeScript will continue, and thrive, in such capable hands.

Who is nStudio?

nStudio is a consultancy that was created to provide an effective outlet for people to work together, and to empower community contributors to find robust, effective and creative solutions through collaboration. nStudio offers specialties across web, mobile, and backend development spanning several technologies including, but not limited to, Angular, .NET, and iOS/Android.

Why is Progress doing this?

Progress has selected nStudio because we believe it is best positioned to take the open source project in new and interesting directions. Ultimately, we believe nStudio taking over development and support for NativeScript is in the best interests of the community to ensure its long-term viability.  

What does this mean for my apps?

As a user of the open source NativeScript framework, nothing changes! Going forward, nStudio will ultimately be responsible for new releases and fixing existing issues. NativeScript remains a fully open source project with a vibrant roadmap ahead of it.

Your current (and future) NativeScript apps will continue to work just fine!

Will NativeScript continue to receive updates?

Yes! nStudio is taking over responsibility for updating the core framework and managing contributions from the community. Look for some exciting updates in the near future.

Will NativeScript remain free and open source?

Yes! NativeScript has always been licensed under the permissive Apache 2 open source license, and will continue to be.

We greatly appreciate your trust in our team and the decisions we have made. Progress and nStudio are both excited about this new beginning. We wish you continued success with your current and future NativeScript projects.