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Telerik UI for NativeScript 1.7 RC with NativeScript 3.0 Compatibility is Available!

April 7, 2017 — by Deyan Ginev

With NativeScript 3.0 RC being public we have now migrated Telerik UI for NativeScript and it is now available for download from under the rc tag - just as NativeScript 3.0 is - with:

npm install -g nativescript-telerik-ui@rc

There are no new features in this release but there are numerous bug fixes and performance improvements that naturally come with NativeScript 3.0 benefits.

The official UI for NativeScript 1.7.0 is due to the end of April. Our goal is to minimize issues coming with the 3.0 migration and provide you with more fixes as reported on our public feedback repository.

Now is the time to check to verify that your NativeScript app that uses UI for NativeScript works well with the new changes and let us know of any potential issues so that we can fix them quickly.

Go ahead and check it out!