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Slides, Smiles and Videos from {N} Developer Day conference

October 6, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

At the end of September we hosted the first NativeScript Developer Day in Boston, MA. I’m sure everyone who attended left with a lot of positive vibes and enthusiasm about what can be done with NativeScript.

For those of you who could not manage to come, we hope to see you next time!


The first day of the conference was separated in two track workshop where the attendees build an app based on this GitHub repo - If you are just starting with NativeScript the repo contains all the tutorials and code needed to create an app and can be an additional learning resource apart from the Getting Started tutorial.


The second day of the conference was dedicated to sessions delivered mostly from community members like Nathan Walker, Raymond Camden, Nathanael Anderson, Giorgio Natili, Jeff Whelpey, Mike Branstein, Alex Ziskind and Nick Van Weerdenburg.

Special thanks to our sponsors - Microsoft, Rangle, Twilio and Google Angular Team who participated with a lot of prizes.

From the core team - Jen Looper,  Alex Vakrilov, TJ Van Toll, Sebastian Witalec, Burke Holland and Todd Anglin - all were part of the great presentations!

We should all thanks Brian Rinaldi who made the conference possible and made the experience flawless for everyone!

Slides and Videos

Today we are sharing all the slides and the recorded videos of the sessions.

Please find the slides in this GitHub repository. The first videos already can be found in the NativeScript YouTube account. We'll add the direct links as new videos are released, or you can check this playlist, where we'll add all the sessions as they are posted.

Thanks everyone for attending NativeScript Developer Day! Your support helped to make it a really memorable event.