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Sharing code between web and native apps with Angular 2 and NativeScript

May 5, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

Expectedly there is a ton of excitement these days around the launch of the Angular 2 Release Candidate at ng-conf. With the new Angular architecture you can reuse skills and code between your web and native app. Think about this for a moment:

Native apps!

I’ll state the obvious but still: this will enable you and your company to save a lot of $$ and time when building solutions that need to span across web and mobile. Faster time to market, less code, use of existing developer skills, much less support in the long run. Sounds like a dream come true for many developers and company owners, doesn’t it? Same team can now deliver on web and mobile with less code. The best thing is the simplicity of the solution.

In this blog post I will not go deep into this story, because our own TJ Van Toll and Jen Looper did a great 20 minutes presentation at ng-conf.

This is all being possible because of the Angular first class support in NativeScript and because of the awesome work from Nathan Walker on his angular2-advanced-seed.

See for yourself how the magic happens:

This is so big that we want everyone in the community to know about it. That is why we invited our long time friend John Papa (@John_Papa) together with the Telerik team to deep dive more on this topic in a free hour long webinar where you can ask questions and get in touch with the team.

Please read the CTO guide to NativeScript to learn more about why you should use NativeScript in your company.