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Securing Your Enterprise Mobile Apps - a Free Online Course

May 2, 2018 — by Alexander Ziskind

Watch the webinar "Best Practices for Securing Your Mobile Apps" to get some tips and tricks on NativeScript security!

How do we secure our enterprise mobile applications? has launched a brand new video course that shows us how to do just that.

If we have secure enterprise applications (think Office 365 or Salesforce or SharePoint) and need to grant or deny users and groups access to those applications, then we need a variety of methods to handle this security when building mobile apps. There are several security protocols that have landed out in the wild over the years, and then ended up the enterprise due to their strong support and intelligent implementation. OAuth, OpenID, and SAML are just a few of these technologies.

The new course, NativeScript Enterprise Auth, shows how to use production grade enterprise services and tools to get your NativeScript applications that added layer of security that enterprises demand.

Step-by-step this course demonstrates how to generate native iOS and Android applications that are built with JavaScript on the NativeScript framework, and configure OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML Redirect for security.

These technologies don’t live in a bubble and need to have backend authentication and authorization services that support shared groups and users. Azure Active Directory and Kinvey are shown as examples of such backend services and the templates shown can be expanded to use other security providers as well.

Check out the course and free preview lessons available on!