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Open Source Code Samples in the NativeScript Marketplace

June 14, 2018 — by Rob Lauer

I like to think of myself as a fairly accomplished copy-and-paste developer. I've certainly honed my Google Search --> Stack Overflow --> Copy Code routine over the years. 🤓

Ok maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration (it's not) but the reality is few of us want to re-create what's already been built. Why not copy steal borrow ideas from others? Whether it's merely for inspiration or straight up copy-and-paste coding, we all want to be more efficient developers.

This is why we've added on to the NativeScript Marketplace and created a series of free and open source NativeScript Code Samples!

nativescript code sample nativescript code sample 

The initial release of our code samples includes 34 unique NativeScript apps that are:

  • 🔓 Open source and immediately runnable on the NativeScript Playground;
  • 📱 iOS and Android compatible;
  • 🏗️ Built with Angular, Vue.js, and/or JavaScript/TypeScript (most are built for all three!).

The samples include apps that range from simple building blocks:

nativescript code sample nativescript code sample nativescript code sample fancier-looking listviews and card layouts:

nativescript code sample nativescript code sample nativescript code sample 

Contributions Encouraged!

Interested in contributing your own sample app? The data behind the marketplace code samples sits in this repo on GitHub.

Just follow our simple contributor guidelines and we'll be happy to include your app!

Start Copying-and-Pasting

The focus of our free and open source code samples is to provide the examples and building blocks you need to be successful with NativeScript. The marketplace code samples are here for you to fork to your heart's content, enjoy! 💖