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NativeScript UI 3.1 Released

September 13, 2017 — by Deyan Ginev

Over the last two iterations, the Progress NativeScript UI team has been focused on addressing customer feedback and polishing the existing components. We hit several milestones regarding the number of issues that have been reviewed and addressed - and we are determined to continue in that direction. However, we also have some great announcements regarding new features in NativeScript UI 3.1!

Let's look at what's new in NativeScript UI 3.1:


We've introduced a new API in RadListView that allows you to scroll to a given item by snapping to the item at different locations in the viewport. You can choose to use animations (or not) when scrolling as well. There is also a new event called scrollDragEndedEvent that is fired once the user stops dragging a finger. We have also extended the item reorder API to allow for canceling the reorder operation.


The RadDataForm component received a lot of attention with this release! The full details are in the release notes, but here is a brief summary of what's new:

  • A major new feature: support for asynchronous (Promise based) validation is available;
  • New Label editor is now available;
  • There is now an option to validate against a regular expression;
  • Support for custom validators has been added;
  • Control the position of editor labels.


The RadChart component has also received some great updates. The Trackball behavior has been aligned across the iOS and Android platforms. We have implemented a new API to allow for customizing the Trackball content for each data point (see the release notes for more information). You can also control the width/length of the bars in a Bar chart by using the two new minBarSize and maxBarSize properties.

Squashed 🐛

On top of the new features and APIs there are many issues that have been resolved, coming from both our internal testing procedures and from your feedback!

For the complete list of changes and updates in this release, please consult the full release notes.

Happy coding!