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NativeScript First-Time Contributors Contest

September 27, 2018 — by Veselina Radeva

Do you use NativeScript to build mobile apps? Do you love developing with it? We often get asked: "How can I help NativeScript be even more successful?".

The best answer is by investing some of your time in the open source ecosystem! We know that your first public OSS contribution can be challenging – you might not know where to start, you might not have the technical skills (or at least you think you don’t!), or you might think it takes too much time (and to be frank, it is scary!).

nativescript contributor badge

That's why the NativeScript team and the community are here to help you go one step further and become part of the bigger NativeScript family by doing your first contribution to NativeScript - and get rewarded for your efforts 💰!

How to Get Involved

👉 Choose at least one issue marked as good first issue or help wanted from the following list (or any other issue from these repositories):

👉 Read the Contributors Guide in the corresponding repository and follow the steps to set up your environment for development

NOTE: For documentation updates, feel free to update the markdown directly

👉 Implement the issue requirements. For any questions, feel free to reply in the GitHub issue or in the Slack #contributor-squad channel.

👉 Create a pull request (PR) before Oct 31st and state in it that this is your first contribution!

The NativeScript team and our maintainers will review the PR and get back to you with comments (if applicable). Then you will work together to merge the code that YOU have written into the repository and to make it available to the whole NativeScript community.

For any issues you experience during setup and development, you can post your questions in our Slack channel #contributor-squad and get help on the spot!

TO OUR EXISTING COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Join the #contributor-squad channel in Slack and give NativeScript first-timers a hand!


We know that there is no bigger prize than being part of a community and the knowledge that your effort is appreciated by others. But still, we would like to give small tokens of gratitude on behalf of the whole community:

  • For jsMobileConf attendees we have prepared a swag package that you can receive at the NativeScript booth after showing your PR to the team.
  • For every non-trivial contribution, we will provide an Amazon Gift Card worth $25!

Before you start, we recommend taking a look at Pascal Precht's guidelines for contributors and maintainers.

Thanks for your help making NativeScript the best framework it can possibly be!