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NativeScript First-Time Contribution Contest - Continued and Extended 🎁

January 24, 2019 — by Emil Tabakov

Last year we ran a time boxed First-Time Contribution Contest and the results were more than amazing - three times more contributions and we saw some pretty solid among them, like YARN support for the CLI! With that said, It was a pretty easy decision for us to promote this initiative to a full-time Contribution Program.

The NativeScript First-Time Contribution Program

This program aims to onboard new contributors to our ecosystem and to help them getting started. When we say "contribution" we mean it in the broadest possible sense - it could be:

The Rewards

This time we decided to give something really special to our first-time contributors. It's going to be an unique full set of NativeScript and Progress stickers, together with a very special "Contributor" sticker. This sticker is really special, as we don't give here and there - only community members that contributed to the community can have it.


For extremely big and useful contributions, we reserve the right to put an extra surprise in the package, so aim for the sky and you won't regret it 🚀.

Of course, with or without our stickers pack - you will win the gratitude of the whole community and eternal glory in the history of NativeScript. What could be more valuable? We are shipping Worldwide at no cost for you. Allow up to a several weeks to get it into your mailbox.


Every meaningful first contribution counts. We reserve the right to evaluate what a "meaningful" contribution means, but to put it simply - adding whitespace or deleting a sentence doesn't count. Apart from that, you would be good to go. If you decide to write content - it should be your own, don't repost or copy other people's blog posts. Think about how your knowledge can be useful to other people.

Are You Excited Yet?

If you already have an idea - awesome! We can't wait to read about what you are up to. As soon as you are done with your work, fill in the NativeScript First-Time Contribution Program Form to claim your reward. If you are excited, but don't know where to start from - fear not. In the following weeks we are going to publish a series of blog posts with guidelines how you can contribute in one of the ways described above. Meanwhile, if you need support - you can jump in the special #contributors-squad channel in our Community Slack. We are there to help you.