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NativeScript Developer Day - The Art of Mobile App Interaction

October 13, 2017 — by Rob Lauer

NativeScript Developer Day took place in New York City on September 18th and 19th, 2017. Developer Day is all about providing a dedicated time and space for developers to interface with community experts (and core NativeScript engineering!) to talk all things NativeScript.

In the coming days and weeks we will be providing the recordings of each session delivered at NativeScript Developer Day NYC.

Tip: You can find the full YouTube playlist here!

Today, Alex Ziskind provides a session on The Art of Mobile App Interaction:

Most mobile application development effort is focused on getting the business case solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. User interaction is often overlooked and any animations are considered superfluous. In this session, Alex will share with you guidelines on user interaction, how they should be baked right into your mobile application, and provide examples to do just that, built the NativeScript way. Considering a user’s interaction with your application should no longer be an afterthought.

You may download the slides for this session as well.