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NativeScript Developer Day - Sessions on NativeScript App Architecture

October 23, 2017 — by Rob Lauer

NativeScript Developer Day took place in New York City on September 18th and 19th, 2017. Developer Day is all about providing a dedicated time and space for developers to interface with community experts (and core NativeScript engineering!) to talk all things NativeScript.

Tip: You can find the full YouTube playlist here!

Today we are focused on sessions that cover NativeScript app architecture (four sessions):

Jen Looper offers a session on 3 Ways to Make Your App Smarter

You’ve written a great NativeScript app that is fast and looks pretty. But it needs something a little extra to get noticed in the stores. Why not go the extra mile and send your app back to school? In this session, you’ll learn about three ways to make your app a little ‘smarter’: able to perceive its physical surroundings and able to leverage its data more efficiently. We’ll take the QuickNoms recipe app and enhance it with a sensor integration and two methods of adding Machine Learning to take a simple recipe app and turn it into something much more interesting.

You may download the slides for this session as well.

Next up, Daniel Zen shows us how to Master TypeScript & ES6

In this course, you will learn: Arrow functions and let keyword, Block scopes, Classes and inheritance, Default & Rest parameters Spread operators, Destructured assignment, Generators, Iterators, Maps, Promises, Sets, Template Literals, Type Annotations & Assertions, Generics, Constructor Parameters, Interfaces, Enums

You may view the slides for this session as well.

Then Rob Laverty invites you to Fall in Love with Native APIs

The NativeScript APIs are awesome, but there is a lot of power in learning and using the Native iOS and Android APIs. One of the coolest parts of NativeScript is that it exposes all of this awesomeness in JavaScript without any plugins or additional interfaces. In this talk, Rob will go over his favorite tips and tricks.

You may view the slides for this session as well.

Finally, Nathanael Anderson gives his perspective on Performance from the Trenches

You may download the slides for this session as well.