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NativeScript Developer Day EU 2019 Recordings

May 30, 2019 — by Rob Lauer

Just last month in Amsterdam, a variety of community leaders, core team members, and NativeScript developers gathered for NativeScript Developer Day 2019. Did you miss out? No worries! We recorded every session, and you can watch through them all to your heart's content.

Below you'll find every NativeScript Developer Day session in the order it was presented back in April 2019. Enjoy! (And yes, the Star Wars theme was 100% coincidental...😁)

NOTE: You can also view the entire playlist on YouTube.

A Product Manager's View of NativeScript Roadmap

emil tabakov
Emil Tabakov
Product Manager

Moving from Proprietary Software to Open Source

rowdy rabouw
Rowdy Rabouw
Senior Engineer at Nationale-Nederlanden

Road to Mastering NativeScript UI

shiva prasad
Shiva Prasad
Software Engineer at Grainfather

Securing NativeScript Apps

alex ziskind
Alex Ziskind
NativeScript Trainer at NativeScripting

From Vue to NativeScript-Vue

raymond camden
Raymond Camden
Developer Experience Engineer

NativeScript on Fire(base)!

eddy verbruggen
Eddy Verbruggen
The Plugin Master

Using Azure Cognitive Services with NativeScript

sherry list
Sherry List
Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Three apps. One codebase. No code?

rob lauer
Rob Lauer
DevRel Manager at Progress

Fast not furious!

natalia venditto
Natalia Venditto
Senior Frontend Developer at Netcentric

KiwiIRC mobile app. A lov(u)e story.

tiago alves
Tiago Alves
Mobile Developer at

Conquer the web and mobile worlds with a single project

dariusz kalbarczyk
Dariusz Kalbarczyk
Developer Advocate at 7N

Zen and The Art of Vue.js

jen looper
Jen Looper
Developer Advocate at Progress

Embedding V8 in the Real World

stanimira vlaeva
Stanimira Vlaeva
Software Engineer at Progress

Build Once, Deploy to Many

bart van den burg
Bart van den Burg
Lead Developer at Neocles

State Management for NativeScript Apps

alexander vakrilov
Alexander Vakrilov
{N} Core Team Lead at Progress