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NativeScript Ambassadors 2018 Showcase

October 2, 2018 — by Jen Looper

I'm pleased to show off the exciting work that our 2018 NativeScript Ambassador cohort completed over three months this summer. 


Team Vue

This self-directed team worked on various projects to further the new NativeScript-Vue ecosystem. The team worked on tutorials in particular, soon to appear in the NativeScript Playground, and translated the NativeScript-Vue docs to Spanish. Ambassador Diana Rodriguez was excited to recreate a mobile music app based on a web app that had been built before:

Team Vanilla

Led by Developer Expert Shiva Prasad and aided by Rachid Al Khayyat (former Ambassador), this team worked on the Core, or Vanilla, flavor of NativeScript. The team spent a month in training learning NativeScript basics such as layouts:

Using SASS in NativeScript (part 1)

Using SASS (part 2)

Basics of ES6

They then turned their attention to work on a Selfie-Comparison app:

Team Angular

The Angular Team, mentored by former mentor and new Developer Expert Jean-Baptiste Aniel went all out in their cohort, executing on a concept pitched by cohort member Pavlo Figol, to create a fitness app called Woorkout. This app provides a means to schedule impromptu workouts or join scheduled outdoor events, a popular way to train in Europe. Their video is pretty incredible! 

The program garnered some good feedback:

Angular team member Taty Arango noted, "I liked this experience so much because I think I can learn a lot more when I’m challenging myself to make something, it's not like when you are following a course on the internet where you don’t have a lot of challenges…so it was a great challenge and I feel a learned a lot. At the beginning I thought that the mentors will teach us, but then i understood that they were more like a guide and that is ok too. I liked the challenges that Shiva gave us when learning ES6. And JB was really open to answer anything we needed."

Angular team member William Juan says, "I feel that the biggest thing that the team had was commitment. Everyone was very committed to deliver a working product by the end of the cohort. We were almost always on time on each and every meeting, and when each of us was assigned a task, we would always complete it in time, ready for the next set of tasks. All of us (including JB) were also constantly helping each other when any of us ran into a problem. This made the the team move forward pretty fast every week."

Angular team member Kumaran wrote a detailed analysis of the program, which helped him along his career path: "The NativeScript Ambassadors program) is awesome, it's the way to connect awesome NS developers who have the same mind set around the world. ...This is the very first time I've interacted with folks around the world. Now after the Ambassador experience I can say that I will handle other folks with responsibility and no longer feeling too shy to express my points and talk in video calls. I improved my communication skills too. I am very happy now, feeling that I achieved the very first step in my career plan."

Overall our cohort was a success this summer! Make sure to follow our Ambassadors on social media.