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Meet Vasil Chimev, January's Featured Engineer

January 30, 2018 — by Jen Looper

Vasil is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer currently transitioning into a Software Developer for the NativeScript Core team. He's also an accomplished accordionist!


What's your background, professionally?

I have over 6 years of experience in software engineering primarily as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer with focus on automation and DevOps. I have worked on Telerik UI for WPF/Silverlight components as well as on a few web outsourcing project. I got the chance to become a NativeScript core team member since its version 1.0 and the rest is history...together we are changing the world of native mobile application development.

What challenges have you encountered while working on NativeScript?

NativeScript is the biggest challenge itself - the project grows, the team evolves and the community unfolds. To find the secret formula of the perfect balance between all of these, to do the best technical solution, to keep the complexity of the project and the mix of technologies behind the framework and to allow the developers to build truly native mobile apps with the technologies they already know - that's an every day challenge.

What is the most rewarding experience you've had while working on the team?

It's a reward for me every time when someone has not only built an application with NativeScript, but also associates with the project, supports it and even speaks at conferences or meetups about it. That's what makes me feel that I work on something that really matters to the people and that has its own community/family.

Tell us something interesting about your personal life!

Music is my coffee! As a child, I used to play the accordion which made me love a wide variety of music styles. I believe that there is something you could learn in all of them. It's a fun fact that I've become a laureate at a national competition. That rewarded me with a full year scholarship that I used to buy my first personal computer and has paved the way for my future development. Since I don't play actively anymore, I enjoy going to concerts and live performances whenever possible. So ... write software with your favorite music around!

Vasil and NativeScript for President!