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Meet new TSC Chair for 2024, Jamie Birch! 🎉

January 9, 2024 — by Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

What does being TSC Chair mean to you, Jamie?

It fills me with pride to have the confidence of the most talented bunch of engineers I've ever met. NativeScript has an enormous surface area (covering both the iOS and Android SDKs, to say the least), so it has an awful lot of technical decisions to be made. Decision-making, however, requires coordinating TSC members across a 17-hour timezone difference. This makes it a particularly challenging project to steer, but I'm looking forward to playing a more central part in it as I believe in the tech and, furthermore, the community!


What about yourself should the NativeScript community be surprised to learn?

I'm one of the few TSC participants who works in mobile dev purely as a hobbyist rather than professionally. I think this brings a valuable thread to our tapestry as I can empathise well with those from outside ecosystems, particularly web developers (that being my trade). It also motivates me to think more about features without worrying about their industrial application. Together, we can find the middle-ground as to what's a good direction to take NativeScript in.

What impact do you hope to bring to the NativeScript community?

In the last year, we've identified many exciting directions to take NativeScript in, but to really advance, it's best if we're all pushing roughly in the same direction and not wasting too much time in debate. So I hope to introduce processes to make TSC discussions more productive and prevent deadlocks, which would allow the community to see progress sooner.

I also hope to grow the community itself. I plan to make more connections with developers from other ecosystems by exploring ways to employ NativeScript in various tech stacks, and aim to get a better sense of what developers (both inside and outside of the community) want to see from it to make it their go-to technology.

Together, I hope to make 2024 a very productive year for NativeScript!