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Looking Back at the NativeScript-Vue Webinar and Where to Go Next

April 11, 2018 — by Rob Lauer

Last week the NativeScript Developer Relations team joined forces with NativeScript-Vue creator Igor Randjelovic to provide 48 minutes of gushing love 😍 for Vue.js and the NativeScript-Vue integration.

nativescript and vue

In case you missed the webinar, no worries! We recorded the entire presentation and have made it available on the NativeScript channel on YouTube:

Included in the webinar is commentary on Vue.js, instructions on setting up your own development environment, a sneak peak on sharing code between an existing Vue.js web app and NativeScript, and a look at the NativeScript-Vue roadmap.

Quick Start

After the webinar, many of you are probably wondering where to go to get started. And quickly.

👉 Your best bet for a super easy startup experience is the NativeScript Playground. The NativeScript Playground is where you can play around with NativeScript and Vue.js in your browser. Use the Playground to drag-and-drop components, write code, and preview your app on a physical device.

👉 If you're interested in diving deeper, you need to install NativeScript tools locally and then pick a Vue-based template to start developing app.

Week of Vue Articles

Additionally, you might be interested to know the NativeScript blog recently hosted a "week of NativeScript-Vue" series. The content provided includes:

Keep your eyes on 👀 as Igor and other community members introduce new and better ways to continue to use Vue.js with NativeScript to create truly native, cross-platform, mobile apps for iOS and Android.