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Learn NativeScript-Vue the Easy Way

March 7, 2019 — by Rob Lauer

While NativeScript launched with the ability to create truly native mobile apps with JavaScript, our public support for Angular wasn't far behind. Times change, the market evolves, which is why we recently announced official support for the Vue.js framework! 🥳

NativeScript-Vue has become THE way to create native mobile app experiences for iOS and Android with Vue.js. Not to mention, in coming weeks we will have a comprehensive web + mobile code sharing strategy to share.


This may sound like a transition of focus towards Vue.js, however, we are 100% committed to maintaining and improving our Angular integration!

In the meantime, we are happy to announce the unveiling of the easiest way for you to get up and running with NativeScript-Vue.

NativeScript Playground

Over the past few months, our community has made it clear that their choice for getting started with NativeScript is with the web-based environment provided by the NativeScript Playground. Requiring no local tools or SDKs to be installed, the NativeScript Playground is an instantly-available environment that runs in any web browser.

nativescript playground

Combined with a couple of (free) companion apps (grab them on the iOS App Store and Google Play), you can start creating native mobile apps without the fuss of Xcode or Android Studio.

nativescript playground in action

Vue.js Tutorial

Part of the NativeScript Playground experience also includes a set of tutorials. We currently offer comprehensive tutorials for plain JavaScript, Angular, and now Vue.js!

nativescript-vue tutorial

The NativeScript-Vue tutorial uses concepts like single file components (SFCs), drag-and-drop UI building, events, advanced app themes, and more.

Curious about other Vue-related topics? Start with Working with Vuex in Your NativeScript-Vue Application!

What are you waiting for!? If you're new to NativeScript, curious about Vue.js, or want to learn more about how the two combine - start the NativeScript-Vue tutorial right now (or check out the NativeScript-Vue courses on!):

Start the NativeScript-Vue Tutorial