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Join the NativeScript Challenge on Uplabs 🥊

October 16, 2018 — by Rob Lauer

Uplabs is a wildly popular community of designers and developers who contribute amazing app concepts and mockups on everything from a Netflix redesign to screens with (figuratively) nothing to show. We are happy to announce that NativeScript is partnering with Uplabs to bring designers and developers together in competition to create simple, but visually engaging, apps built with NativeScript!

Using the NativeScript Playground, you'll create a simple app (e.g. 1-3 pages/views) that works equally well on both iOS and Android. There is no specific theme so the world is your oyster with this challenge! It's truly form over function for this contest. 😎

We are purposefully leaving the door open for you to create any kind of engaging app that comes to mind - just show us how easy it can be to create a beautiful UI using NativeScript.

Oh, did we mention there are significant cash prizes?! 🤑

Intimidated by the thought of trying to create a "beautiful" app? Have no fear! You can request a partner and we will do our best to hook up NativeScript developers with designers from Uplabs!


Registration + App Submission Period: October 14th to November 25th (6 weeks)

Voting: November 26th to December 5th Midnight PST (10 days)

Winners announced: December 6th!

Register for the NativeScript Uplabs Challenge on

While the theme for this challenge is wide open, there are some requirements for your submission. Please, make sure that:

  • Your mobile app contains at least one screen, but no more than three (keep the app somewhat simple! 😉).
  • Your app is developed and runs in the NativeScript Playground for both iOS and Android.
  • Your work was created for this challenge, it's unique and your own.
  • You only make one submission for this challenge.

Please note that your app does not have to function with "live" data. Screens that are functional, even with mock data, works just fine for this challenge.

Remember that if you have the technical skills, but not the design skills, you can always find a designer from Uplabs to help you out!


Interested in participating, but don't know where to start? You may consider a basic app that addresses a scenario such as:

  • Displaying the weather and/or forecast;
  • Charting/graphing some data (hint, try using Professional NativeScript UI components 📊);
  • Engaging data entry forms;
  • A view of hotels or housing options;
  • An analytics dashboard;
  • ...really anything that looks good on mobile!

Take a look at the code samples on the NativeScript Marketplace for more ideas and starting points!

Prizes 🤑

The winner will have their best works featured in the Uplabs newsletter and shared with 400,000+ professionals from around the world - including companies such as Google, Airbnb, and Facebook.

And of course we are offering massive cash prizes for this competition! A total of $3,000 will be delivered to the individuals/teams who provide the most amazing apps. Specifically the prize breakdown looks like this:

  • A panel of NativeScript experts will choose their favorite and the winner will receive $2,000.
  • The highest-voted app on will receive $1,000.

Show Us Your Stuff!

We're looking forward to seeing what our amazing community comes up with, all while pushing the limits of the NativeScript Playground! 🚀

Sign up for the NativeScript Uplabs Challenge