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Introducing the Summer of NativeScript

June 22, 2015 — by TJ VanToll

I know what you've been wondering—that question that's been keeping you awake at night: how can you get your hands on the hottest fashion item on the developer circuit.

NativeScript blue shirts

That shirt. The one that's the perfect shade of blue (or gold, if that's how you roll). The one that captivates you SO much, you start to forget some of life's basic skills—like the fact that shooting a bow requires an arrow.

shooting a bow requires an arrow

Or that if you post a picture like this on the internet it takes roughly four minutes for someone to create a meme out of it.

Showing off a NativeScript sticket


If you want, or need, one of these shirts then I have good news, and it's called the Summer of NativeScript

Summer of NativeScript

Here's how it works: if you run a NativeScript meetup sometime this summer, we'll send you an appropriately sized NativeScript t-shirt AND a pack of super hip NativeScript stickers—great for sticking on your laptop, or that hole in your kitchen wall you've been meaning to patch up, or whatever.

NativeScript Stickets

If you already belong to a user group, now's a great time to get a NativeScript meetup on the calendar. If you don't belong to a group, try a search on to see who's around. If you can't find anyone try starting a group yourself. Let us know about the group and we'll be happy to spread the word.

What will I present to the group?

We're providing a suite of materials to help you introduce NativeScript. This includes slide decks, a video presentation, and hands-on labs. Feel free to customize any of these materials to your needs, or to use them without changing a thing—except for whole [Your name here] part. It might look a bit bad if you don't change that.

NativeScript Slide Deck

The best part is there's more on the way. In July and August we'll be releasing additional NativeScript materials that take you beyond the basics. So you can choose to run a single NativeScript meetup to learn the basics, or you can choose to run all three to dive deep into the NativeScript ecosystem. Follow @NativeScript on Twitter if you need up-to-the-minute updates.


Finally, as you're running your meetup please share the love on Twitter using the hash tag #SummerOfNativeScript. Each month we'll pick a tweet at random and give the author a free Telerik Platform license.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to, let us know about your meetup, and we'll send your t-shirt and stickers on their way.