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Hacktoberfest is Here!

October 12, 2018 — by Veselina Radeva

nativescript at hacktoberfest

This year is the 5th annual Hacktoberfest! The purpose of Hacktoberfest is to encourage meaningful contributions to the open-source ecosystem by providing guidelines and starting points to help beginners and veterans alike. All you need to do to receive a limited-edition T-shirt is post five pull requests to any open-source project (and yes that includes NativeScript!).

If you want to participate in the Hacktober fest but don't know where to start, the recently-announced NativeScript First-Time Contributors Contest can help. It's a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and apply for both the NativeScript contest and the Hacktober fest with PRs to NativeScript repos.

As a bonus, the {N} core team and our community are here to give you a hand in your contribution journey and will even help you win the prizes!

Don't miss your chance and get started now! How?

👉 Review the rules of the NativeScript First-Time Contributors Contest

👉 Review the rules of Hacktoberfest

👉 Register in the NativeScript Community Slack and join the #contributor-squad channel to get help on the spot!

👉 Start contributing!

On behalf of the whole NativeScript team I would like to wish you "Happy NativeScripting"!