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Get Ready for Vue.US Conference in Tampa in March!

February 27, 2019 — by Jen Looper

The premier conference in the U.S. for lovers of Vue.js (Vueligans, Vuelievers, pick one!) is coming up soon in Tampa, and we have some very fun activities planned and one awesome announcement to reveal. You'll have to stay tuned for the latter, but I'll drop a hint - if you like to share code, you'll like this! Take a look at the conference web site and consider getting a ticket before it sells out:

The conference will take place at the Straz Center in Tampa, Florida 🌴 from March 25th (a full day of workshops) and from March 26-27th for two full days of great talks. The theme of the conference is Art/Code/Vue, appropriate for the  particularly design-friendly Vue community.

2d039ef will be kicked off with an unusually large array of workshops taking place on Monday before the event, by luminaries in the community including Evan You (creator of Vue.js), Chris Fritz, Natalia Tepluhina and Divya Sasidharan, the founders of both Vue School and Vue Mastery, Core Team member Damian Dulisz and Community Wizard Ben Hong, and a full-day Vue Vixens skulk, led by myself and Diana Rodriguez and mentored by awesome folks in the community including John Papa. Tickets for workshops are sold separately; however Vue Vixens workshops, for women developers, are always free. Learn more about Vue Vixens at (disclaimer! I'm the Founder and CEO). Vue.Us and the whole Connect.Tech family of conferences have always been friendly to Vue Vixens, and allowed us to give five free tickets to people who identify as women in the community, which we recently delivered.


The two days of the conferences will be highlighted by Evan You's keynote, always very interesting to hear especially as Vue.js 3 will be released later this year, and many changes are in store, although it will "be ready when it's ready". The ramifications for NativeScript-Vue will be profound as a new Custom Renderer API will become available, so it's worth keeping an eye on the keynotes as new news comes available.

Other great talks are proposed, notably by luminary Sarah Drasner, who will speak about the future of web animation on Day 1. Other content to watch for are Chris Fritz's talk on Vue 3 (watch for interesting announcements here!) and Guillaume Chau, who always gives excellent tips, this time on performance. Newer speaker Maria Lamardo (also a Vue Vixens chapter leader for Raleigh-Durham) will speak about Accessibility, and the ever-awesome John Papa will speak about running your Vue app anywhere. A particulary excellent talk (having heard it at Vue Amsterdam) is Jacob Schatz who speaks of leveraging Design Patterns in Vue.

I will be delivering a new talk called Zen and the Art of Vue, discussing a new strategy (To Be Unveiled!) to share code between a web app and and a mobile NativeScript app. It's an exciting topic and I look forward to community feedback on our strategy. And you can look forward to a fun and cool artsy demo! One more thing of note is that Ben Hong and I will be MCs for the entire conference, so prepare yourself for a lot of fun.

Are you ready for Conference in Tampa? We are! See you there!

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