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Free Video Training on NativeScript + JavaScript and NativeScript + Angular

April 5, 2017 — by Rob Lauer

free video training on nativescript


Note: While the promo has ended, you can now find excellent free video training courses on both NativeScript + vanilla JavaScript and NativeScript + Angular at NativeScripting.

Here at Progress, we realize everyone learns about new technologies at their own speed and via different mediums. That's why today we are happy to offer two free video courses to help you learn more about developing with NativeScript + vanilla JavaScript and NativeScript + Angular (you must sign up in April).

In "NativeScript for the Angular Developer" and "NativeScript 101: A Quickstart to Building Mobile Apps", enrolled students will learn how to create native mobile applications for Android and iOS using common web technologies such as TypeScript, JavaScript, XML, and CSS.

Each of the two courses will teach you how to reach the same end-goals in an application, but in different ways. Students can choose to develop NativeScript applications with the vanilla JavaScript (a.k.a. "Core") version of the framework in "NativeScript 101" - or with Angular and TypeScript in "NativeScript for the Angular Developer".

Regardless of the development path chosen, students will walk away with the knowledge to create beautiful looking native applications that include data persistence and interaction with remote web services via HTTP requests.

Don't wait, grab your spot today!

If you prefer Angular development: NativeScript for the Angular Developer

If you prefer JavaScript development: NativeScript 101: A Quickstart to Building Mobile Apps