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Free Book: TypeScript Deep Dive

February 10, 2016 — by Dan Wilson

TypeScriptDeepDiveIf you are interested in TypeScript and would like a free e-book to help you learn to write and understand TypeScript, please look at TypeScript Deep Dive by Basarat Ali Syed.

For the low, low price of free, you get 179 pages of pure awesomeness. Chock full of source code examples and clear, concise explanations, TypeScript Deep Dive will help you learn TypeScript development.

If you aren’t sure you are interested in TypeScript, consider this:

Any developer who has helped maintain a complex code base written in Javascript has felt the pain of the simple nature of Javascript. After all, Javascript was designed as a scripting language and lacks many of the commonly found code organization structures we enjoy in modern languages. Javascript can be a little challenging to develop with for other reasons as well. If you are a front-end developer, you’ve likely been looking for alternatives.

TypeScript is one of those alternatives worth your consideration. It’s open source, and we like that. It’s trustworthy also, because it is supported by a big organization (Microsoft) with an investment in making developers successful. Just like NativeScript is supported by Telerik.

With TypeScript, you get static typing, object orientation and a bunch of code organization structures to help you wrangle your complex code bases. Also, TypeScript can use Javascript without modification. Do you have an awesome wiz-bang-o-matic Javascript library you want to use? No problem, just use it without having to worry about converting the library in any way.

Learning TypeScript isn’t scary or even hard. It’s a straightforward way to add the necessary items to your code to get better code organization, compile type error checking and amazing intellisense-type help from your IDEs.