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Are you a NativeScript Champion? Late Summer App Contest

August 15, 2016 — by Jen Looper

It's the Olympics! Time to show off your champion skills at creating NativeScript apps in our newest contest! 


You don't have to travel to Rio for this contest, just build a really awesome mobile app using NativeScript - either vanilla {N} or {N} + Angular 2, using FOUR plugins!


  • Your app must be built for iOS and Android, e.g. it needs to work cross-platform. If you have difficulty testing for iOS, let us know and we can help.
  • Your app needs to be published live to one or both app stores for us to judge it.
  • To submit your entry, fill out this form.  
  • You can submit an app in one of two categories: either as a 'Greenfield' app, e.g. one built expressly for this contest over a month's time period, or a 'Prebuilt' app that you want us to see and judge. This app could be an already-existing app in the stores.
  • Apps will be judged by members of DevRel, Engineering, and the community.
  • Need help? Join us on the Slack channel in the #contests room.
  • If you've won one of our contests in the past, you can still enter but sadly we'll have to exclude your entry from winning
  • Deadline for entry: September 16th, 5 pm EST
Prizes! Winning this contest will give you access to a super special "Plug 'n' Play" prize pack, either an IoT prize box, curated by Jen, or an Amazon Echo, per your preference.

Ready for a new challenge? Join us on the NativeScript Slack community channel and start coding!