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Announcing NativeScript Code Samples

September 8, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

I’m extremely excited to announce an initiative that we were working for several releases now - NativeScript Code Samples!

To make you more productive and to get onboard faster we are releasing 60+ code samples, entirely according to the native UX guidelines, documented, tested and most important entirely open source and contribution friendly!

While the number of examples is large, the list is by no means complete, we wanted to share the infrastructure with the community so that we can grow the set of code samples together! The code samples are small, purpose-driven and this makes adding new examples is really easy even for novice NativeScript developers.

You can check the documentation articles that are automatically created based on the code samples. They contain additional information and screenshots.

Please note that in this first version the code is Angular 2 based, but we will be proving a non-Angular version as a next step.

If you prefer looking/hacking the code, there is a NativeScript application that contains the entire code base. Source code is in GitHub as always.

We are also planning to integrate the examples of our paid component suite - UI for NativeScript into this repo so that there is one place for all the NativeScript code samples.

If you want to contribute please read the guide. As I said, it is made to be super-easy. Basically, each of the code sample is in its own folder and is following a particular naming convention for the files in order to build the documentation articles automatically.

Below are some of the screenshots you can find in the app:

TabView sample

I hope you are as excited as we are for this initiative. If you are a novice NativeScript developer to take a look at the entire code and get a sense of what it looks like to develop mobile apps with JavaScript and NativeScript!

Please share the news with the rest of the world so that we can get as many developers to see and contribute!