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Angular 2 web and mobile demo app, using Kendo UI and NativeScript

September 28, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

If you are in London at the Angular Connect conference visit our booth to talk with us about this app, we have it installed and you will able to try it out!

With the recent Angular 2 public release the write once, run everywhere is no longer a myth or something that we should try to avoid due to all the complications that were involved previously.

Now we have a framework that does this for us. When you combine Angular 2 with NativeScript you have a complete story that allows you to share code that runs NATIVELY on the target platforms - web and mobile. Support for desktop is planned for NativeScript as well.

In Progress we are in a unique position to provide you with the tools and frameworks you need to develop on this new platform. For a long time (10+years) we are providing the web developers with rich UI components that they can use to make web sites and apps with pixel-perfect user experience and top-notch performance. The latest release of Kendo UI for Angular 2 offers several must-have components to make your life building web apps much easier. Grid, Charts, layout components and dialogs were build from the group up to use the new concepts found in Angular 2.

I want to highlight this - we could just reuse the components we had that are jQuery based, but this is not the way Angular 2 works. So we decided that we need a first class citizen UI components that just fit into the Angular 2 story. More components will be added to the new suite as it matures, you can expect a complete 60+ UI components suite in the near months.

I started by saying that Progress as a company is in a unique position to serve your Angular 2 needs, because we not only have the web version of these components, but we also offer the native mobile components and of course the NativeScript framework which integrates flawlessly into with the Angular 2 framework.

The same UI components you have to web are available in NativeScript. They share the same functionality and make your life easier to have the best UX everywhere - on web and on mobile - leveraging the native capabilities of the platforms.

Truly powerful isn't it? And I can assure you - no compromises or shortcuts are being made with with UX, or code implementation. You can write code once, share it and achieve the best user experience your customers (and your designers ;)) demand.

Demo application using Kendo UI, NativeScript and Angular 2

All this of course is new. Angular 2 was just released this month and we are making the first steps to show you this story. As a start we created an app that uses Kendo UI components and NativeScript components so that you can see it all in action. The app is open sourced and is available on GitHub at - It is a pretty simple and straightforward - you can see it in action in this video, or better yet - simply clone the repo and run it!


Love what you see? Are you going to use it for your next app? Please let us know in the comments below!

To learn more about this wonderful Angular 2 story please read our dedicated Angular 2 and NativeScript page where we explain things in details.