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Angular 2 is now official, and so are we

September 15, 2016 — by Valio Stoychev

It is time to celebrate! The long awaited official release of Angular 2 is now live! At a special event today Brad Green announced the immediate availability of the Angular 2 bits.

NativeScript team is also pleased to announce our compatible NativeScript SDK integrated with the official Angular 2 bits today!

The NativeScript SDK for Angular 2 is our official release. This is a big milestone for the project. We are happy that NativeScript is the first library to be compatible with the Angular 2 new model for writing applications across a variety of channels and platforms. The promise of Angular 2 is - One Framework. Mobile and Desktop. With NativeScript we cover the Mobile. NativeScript is the only framework that allows you to write no-compromise native mobile applications with Angular 2. And yes, iOS10 is supported!

To make your life even easier, our sister team at Progress, Kendo UI, just released their Beta for Angular 2. Soon you will be able to use the entire Kendo UI suite of reusable and high quality components for both your web and desktop needs.

Expect more news from NativeScript and Kendo UI very soon. We are working on several projects together to complete the the code and skills reuse for web/mobile and desktop!

To get started with NativeScript and Angular, read our introduction article, or if you prefer, jump directly to the Angular 2 code samples.

One of the most requested integrations for the NativeScript framework is WebStorm IDE.  We are also pleased to announce that today the author of the NativeScript plugin for WebStorm released an update with Angular 2 support. Now you are free to choose between VS Code and the WebStorm family of IDEs for your NativeScript programming environment.


Now is a great time to build web, desktop and mobile applications with Angular 2. Come sit with us!