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Ambassador Showcase: Discover The Final Projects

September 26, 2017 — by Jen Looper

We are pleased to reveal the final projects from the NativeScript Ambassadors cohort that took place in this past summer, 2017. Each team delivered some very innovative and interesting apps and we are proud of their work. Great job, Ambassadors! And thank you to their mentors, all members of our Developer Experts program.

Team Brosteins - Nick and Mike Branstein, mentors

Mike Branstein discusses the farming application that he developed to help monitor conditions on a local farm, including wind speed, temperature and soil moisture levels, with data consumed within a NativeScript app.

If you like Bourbon, you'll love Uncorked, an app to record Bourbon types, experiences and flavors, by Clayton Orman (Louisville, Kentucky)!

MyLands, by Daniel Leal (Portugal) - an app for land management, with an innovative mapping implementation.

LatamTeam: Jorge Cano, mentor

Jorge Cano explains how this large team worked together to create a What's App clone.

Team Safe Dining: Alex Ziskind, mentor

James Breedlove created an amazing demo of his EatSafe app, to help people with food allergies discover ingredients by means of a bar code scan.

Team Code Share: Nathan Walker, mentor

Nitish Dayal walks through the creation of the ngAtlanta conference app, a work in progress.

Team Time Travel: Jen Looper, mentor

Luna Kang discusses Fetching, an app for dogs to find their forever friends in a Tinder interface, using the Swipe plugin created by Team Native Baguette. Of course, this team had to dogfood! This app also uses the Petfinder API.

Team Native Baguette: Osei Fortune and Brad Martin, mentors

Rachid Khayyat shows the first of two Card-Swiping plugins created this summer...

...while Jean-Baptiste Aniel shows off the other version with a code walk-through::

Congratulations and once again, excellent work this past summer!